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I was born in the North East of England on the tenth of July 1962 to Mary and Joseph Campbell. I am the youngest son of four siblings. South Shields was a relatively small industrial town in the sixties and seventies and boasted a coal mine and several small shipyards. The school I went to was typical of the time, built in the late fifties with classrooms that couldn’t handle the number of children born during the baby boom years. The school was rough and bullying was rife. I was sexually abused on a number of occasions by a fifth former who lived at the top of my street during my first year of high school. I can remember thinking of the shame I would feel if anyone found out that this was happening to me. He was finally caught sexually assaulting another lad in the street and his family moved soon after. I left school in 1978 and swore to myself that no one would ever bully or abuse me again.

On the 18th August 1988 I crushed my left foot in a motorcycle accident and was told that I would not walk without the aid of a walking stick for the rest of my life. Since conventional medicine had nothing to offer me I turned instead to complimentary therapies. I used Acupuncture and Kinesiology as well as Reiki healing and threw away the walking stick. I also learned the basics of these techniques and developed my own healing techniques along the way. I am writing with direct experience of how these healing techniques have worked for me, as well as benefited many of my clients.

In 1997 I went through the process of a very difficult separation. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you find that the best thing to do is get out of the way. I found myself driving aimlessly throughout Australia searching for something that I knew was there – but didn’t know what it was. I managed to drive from Adelaide to Brisbane in two days and found myself camping on top of the Binna Burra Mountains for two
nights. Eventually the ticks and leaches led me back to civilization real quick.
Coming from the north east of England and it being Friday night, I was on a mission to go out and have a few drinks to suppress my frustration at the situation I was in. That night I was introduced to a lady who was running self-development courses and I figured that since I was in a bit of a predicament as far as my life and marriage were concerned, I had nothing to lose by going along.

Talking to Crystals!
The course was called ‘Introduction to Channel’ and I hadn’t a clue what I had gotten myself into. I have to remind you that I am from an industrial background and this course was on another planet as far as I was concerned. I thought of asking for my money back, but I was in Brisbane and no‐one back home would know what I was doing ‐ so decided to carry on with the workshop with an open mind.

The first section of the course was guided meditation, which I found to be quite relaxing. The next section was crystal readings. I looked in horror at the course coordinator and thought that she deserved to be locked up in the funny farm. She placed an amethyst crystal in my hand and asked me to close my eyes and talk to the crystal.

What followed was such a shock. The crystal felt as if it was going to burn a hole into the palm of my hand, my whole arm ached with pain, and then out of the blue an in- ner voice – as loud as can be – said “Let go of the past”. The coordinator asked me to meditate on what healing qualities an amethyst crystal has and my inner voice piped up again, saying:“Amethyst an ease emotional pain and bring clarity into ones life”.
I did the same exercise with three different crystals with the same clear results. I couldn’t believe that I was ‘reading’ crystals, and wanted to find out more about what I was doing and how.  One side of me thought that I was absolutely bonkers and the other side felt excited at this newfound gift.The next day I raced into the workshop and couldn’t wait to see what else I could achieve. I was introduced to my spirit Guides through guided medi- tation. The experience was amazing! I was told that I was going to be a healer and a teacher. I also discovered how to listen to my highest guides of universal love and light, who have also been described as the Ascended Masters. Unfortunately I was unable to save my marriage, but I was able to save my life.

This course started me on a journey of self-discovery I began to live an alternative life style, on a quest to find the reality of seemingly obscure healing techniques. I feel very blessed that I have had the opportunity to live in total isolation on the top of
mountains (yes, I went back again) and in caves throughout the country of Australia. This gave me the ability to enhance my skills as a teacher and healer and to seek and grown within; listening to inner teachers and communicating with guides. I have lived and breathed these techniques for the last four years and they have certainly changed my life for the better.


Please understand that everything I am writing about is real and reveals the power that we all have within us. You haven’t lived my life, but this book will open you up to the power that is within you, without having to go through the process of living an isolated lifestyle.To channel the energy of the universe is to go on a journey within oneself.The inner self is where your power is waiting to manifest into the reality of life.

What is Reiki – and what is it not?
I have worked with a few Reiki teachers and masters and have explored this way of healing for many years. Being a working class boy I like to know how things work and to understand what is happening – and to be able to pass that information onto oth- ers in an easily understandable way. That is my aim with this book. In my exploration of Reiki I found some confusion and had to find my way through it.
In my opinion, some Reiki masters look upon Reiki as a little understood spiritual form of healing – leaving the basics to a wild and mystical ideology, with little or no com- prehension of what or how it works.

There are people who think that once they attain Reiki three they become some sort of master of the Universe and then allow their huge egos to take over – diminishing their level of awareness of their spiritual self or life. Some teachers like the power status that they seem to attain with Reiki and they become controlling masters. Others will teach students the basics but never allow them access to their full knowledge – keeping some level of higher mystical status and avoiding difficult questions at all costs.Through my experience, if the teacher avoids the question they don’t know the answer!
Of course there are also some very spiritual and accomplished Reiki Masters out there, who have really ‘done their work and wish to share all they have with others.

Whoever we choose to teach us, there lies our lesson. In other words, if we choose a teacher that is controlling, we will find that we are controlled. And likewise if we choose an empowered and open teacher, we will attract those same qualities.
The question has to be asked: Why pay large sums of money for Reiki, when you can experience Reiki for very little money exchange? The prices for and duration of courses to attain the same certificates vary dramatically.

Do some people think that the more they pay the better they will be?
Through teaching Reiki for many years, I have encountered numerous different symbols that may confuse the average teacher – and pupil. The symbols in this book cover the more unified symbols that I have encountered, and are from the book written by Diane Stein (one of the more informative books available on the subject of Reiki).

As a Reiki teacher, I have come across three different histories of Reiki, and each one is very different to the other, and – in my opinion – quite irrelevant. Many Reiki masters seem to get caught up in a heritage format, as if it will make them a better healer if someone teaches them with an accredited bloodline, or is a far removed distant cousin to Takata (the lady who brought Reiki to the western world). Some Reiki masters seem to value their knowledge by the amount of money they have spent on acquiring their Reiki healing technique.

There are currently two teaching formats with Reiki healing, called Usui Shiki Ryoho and Seishem. Each teaching format is slightly different to the other. In my estimation, if Reiki Masters quibble about which one is the greater, they are avoiding the question: Why do these techniques work? I have endeavoured all of my spiritually aware life to access the knowledge of how these techniques work on the human body.

With this book, I will endeavour to show you how easy it is to heal with your hands. It is irrelevant if you have learned Reiki over ten years or two weeks, we all have the ability to use these skills.

Cosmology Method
Through years of study and experience I have developed my own ‘hands on healing technique’ called the Cosmology Healing Method and have many testimonials stat- ing the positive effects these techniques have – particularly on skeletal and spinal problems. Keeping spirituality a reality is my gift and I intend to live my life with two feet firmly grounded upon this earth. I believe we are all healers and encourage you to trust in your own abilities.

As humans we are here to develop throughout our lives on a continual basis on all levels: spiritually, mentally and physically. Change comes through lessons we all have to learn. We are all unique, with our own qualities and special gifts that only we can access as our divine right and birthright. Each person that lives and breathes has the ability to access the inner strength of love and self-empowerment that can be attained through the use of Reiki.
We all wish to love and heal others instinctively. If someone hurts himself or herself our instinctive wish is to help, we are all healers by instinct and our positive nature is with us all. It is only fear that prevents us from helping others in a positive way. We all wish to help and be helped on deeper levels.

I have written this book about Reiki to develop an understanding as I see it. These techniques have a proven formula that works to gain greater knowledge of the sacred self. We are all different and we will gain different levels of awareness through the use of this book. Everyone who reads these pages may come to very different conclusions about what Reiki really is to them. What I hope you gain from this book is an under- standing of how these techniques can benefit you in your own way.

Traditionally people would have to source a Reiki teacher to be attuned to Reiki and I do not discourage doing this. However, I wish to draw awareness to the self-attuning process and make Reiki widely available to all.

The standard way of attuning to Reiki is through another Reiki Master, who has al- ready been attuned to the symbols of Reiki. This can sometimes cause what is called a clearing – a process of clearing negative energy that has been passed through the attuning process.
We all have lessons – even Reiki Masters – and as we are attuned to the symbols of Reiki we can collect negative energy from the person attuning us. Through each at- tuning process there is a slight element of the self that can flow from one person to the other, unless the Reiki Master has learned to completely cleanse his or her own energy first.
The self-attuning process will give you the ability to attune to your lesson and help clear negativity. By attuning you to your lesson it can help you to break negative cycles as well as help you to rise above negative karmic issues. Through this step-by-step process you are effectively attuning to the strength that is within you, without having to be affected by other people’s lessons in the attuning process.

I strongly recommend that you read the pages of this book once through before at- tempting the exercises. The reason for this is to give you a good understanding that there is nothing to fear and to release any expectations before doing the exercises. There is only positive growth to be gained from reading this book. Reiki works from the universal life force energy, which is the energy of unconditional love and accep- tance.
Reiki Reversed
Traditionally, Reiki is taught in levels of growth that will develop a pupil in stages: Reiki level one, then two, and three. The understanding being that to undertake level three before level one will be too much for anyone to handle and bring on a clearing. I believe this can be so if you are attuned the traditional way but not when you self-attune.
Reiki is a healing formula and cannot be used to hurt another person or you.The worst that could happen is Reiki would do nothing. By reading the book through before do- ing the exercises, you will gain understanding of what Reiki is as taught through the levels of Reiki level one and two.

However, to endeavour to learn Reiki we have to learn how to attune ourselves to Reiki first. This means to effectively understand this book we have to first go through the attuning process which is Reiki level three, which will connect us to our spiritual line – or Reiki energy. Level two will connect us to our emotions and emotional healing. And Reiki level one will connect us to our physical self.

This book is written to help you learn the attuning process first, in order to align the healing energy through you with the use of the symbols. The symbols have been structured to balance the energy throughout the chakra system, so all seven symbols can be utilised for the best effect to promote healing.

Once you are self attuned to Reiki you can then endeavour to move forward and perform the rest of the exercises through Reiki levels one and two. Going through the attuning process will help to align the healing energy through your chakra points, so you can feel the subtle changes in your body and your hands. Performing the attuning process first will give you the ability to feel the Reiki energy on your own level.

The more you can release your expectations of what will happen through a healing session, the more relaxed you and the person receiving healing will feel.
You may feel the Reiki energy as a cold sweat or a slight tingle flowing through the fingers.Whatever you feel will be on your own level and may be different to what oth- ers feel. Remember, we are all healers by instinct and we are all unique.

If you have been attracted to this book I believe that you will find a message within its covers. As you go through the steps of the self-attuning process, you will discover a message hidden within the symbols. This may come in the form of a feeling, a voice talking to you from within, or visualization. Please acknowledge what you are thinking and feeling as you attune yourself to the symbols.
Each symbol has been blessed to open the door to the healing consciousness. If you have already gone through the attuning process and learned the symbols of Reiki, you may find they are slightly different to the symbols I show in this book. Please un- derstand that the energy behind the symbols will be the same. If you look at the word ‘happiness’ for example, the same word has different pronunciations and spellings in different languages but has the same energy behind it.

We all have the ability to heal ourselves. When we hurt ourselves we cover our pain with our hands. When our children are in pain we cover their pain with our hands, or kiss it better, in other words ‘give it love.’ Universal energy is unconditional love and acceptance.This is a natural instinct,which we have inherited from our distant past.The process of ‘hands on healing’ is nothing new, just something many have forgotten.
The purpose of this book is to align the self-healing energy that we all possess with the Reiki symbols, and to attune these symbols to our inner vibration. I have been blessed with this knowledge as a Universal Channel, with direct communication to my devoted Spirit Guides as my teachers.

Reiki courses today can vary from teacher to teacher, with different disciplines or heri- tages. In my opinion Reiki is healing and it really doesn’t matter what discipline you follow as long as your intention to heal yourself, or others, with Reiki is genuine.
In my estimation Reiki is an excellent healing technique and should be available to all people who are open minded enough to accept alternative therapies into their lives. With this book I will endeavour to show you how easy it is to heal with your hands.
Reiki works on the Electromagnetic Vibration of the human body. Humans are huge energy systems and once you access the understanding that we are energy, and any- thing we do or think is energy based, it will be easy to understand how Reiki works on the physical, emotional and spiritual body.

The human body is very similar to a nine volt battery.The human body works off direct current and follows the same principals of any electrical circuit: positive to negative, or earth. I will show you how this works by telling stories through this book and keeping things very simple and easy to understand.

Chapter 1
About Reiki
The formula that makes the Reiki Healing method so very effective is that it empowers four main levels of energy during the attuning process (a unique process performed with the seven Reiki symbols).The four levels are:
Goddess Healing
The symbols empower the recipient to the energy of the Earth and the realm of the Goddess through their hands and feet
Divine Healing
The symbols empower the yellow (solar plexus) chakra, which is the energy of the Divine Self. This raises the recipient’s vibration, releasing fear and enhancing love of the self.
Emotional Healing
The symbols empower self-healing related to our thoughts and feelings through our indigo (third eye) chakra,which is the realm of the inner healer or Reiki Guide.This will help balance emotions, release fear and enhance perceptions.
Universal Connection (God)
The symbols empower the universal life force energy that is located through our crown chakra. Universal energy is unconditional love and acceptance.
The Nine Principles
The nine principles of Reiki are what I consider to be laws that govern the attuning process. By understanding and living your life with these guiding principles you will be acting for the highest good of yourself and all others.
I. Intention
We are all supreme and divine and spiritually we are all equal.We have the freedom of choice and free will to live this life as we choose.We have the divine right to create our own Universe with the use of our thoughts and feelings. When we state our intention to heal another person, we align ourselves with the energy of the Universe and the energy of the Highest Guides of the light. We come from love and when we die we go to love.As we experience life we source love.The purpose of the Highest Guides of the light is to take us to love through life.
The principal Law of intention is to intend and align the energy of Reiki to pass on to us in the form of unconditional love and acceptance, thus releasing any fear that is within us. Fear comes in the form of thoughts and once our fear is released we become enlightened – or lightened of our fears.
II. Enlightenment
To align with the energy of enlightenment one needs to state an intention to be healed. This aligns us with energy on a Universal magnitude, which is infinite, unconditional love and wisdom. We all have access to this love and wisdom – believe it or not you have a Universal consciousness as a divine right and birthright.
As humans we all think a lot – just listen to the continual stream of thought in your mind. And when we are stressed or worried about situations we think about them on an almost continual basis. We are enlightened when we have the answer to the situa- tion that is worrying and stressing us. And the answers are there for us if we can open ourselves to them.
Would you say that Buddha was enlightened? And would you say that Christ was en- lightened? Yes, of course you would. However, Christ was ridiculed, tortured, whipped, stoned and crucified for his beliefs. And have you heard the old Buddhist saying:“Before enlightenment pickup sticks and fetch water, after enlightenment pickup sticks and fetch water.” Enlightenment comes from within and does not necessitate a specific saintly role in life or even an easy passage along life’s journey With enlightenment our perceptions change – not necessarily our external world.
Some people think that their life will become easier if they are enlightened, like being hit by a magic wand. To be enlightened doesn’t necessarily mean that your lessons in life will get easier; it does mean that you will follow the light of love that is your true potential and destiny in this lifetime. Enlightenment comes from within to give a bet- ter understanding of who and what we are.
III. Transference
What you say and think creates energy. We think in the region of 45,000 to 75,000 thoughts per day.These thoughts create energy.When we think to our past and all that has occurred over our lives we are drawing on the energy of that time. Positive and negative thoughts create positive and negative actions. Acknowledge your thoughts from the past and acknowledge what is happening to you in the now.We are all divine and we are responsible for all the things that happen to us in our life.
IV. Karma
How we react to the environment creates a karmic effect upon us. Transference is about what we transfer out into our environment in the way of actions and thoughts and what is transferred back to us. Positive actions create positive karma and negative actions create negative karma.
All things have purpose and meaning, from the smallest of insects to the largest of coincidences. We create our own experiences with our desires, thoughts and actions. We are what we think we are, directly associated with our perception of how we relate to our environment. If, for example, we wish to control our environment we will have an experience of the environment controlling us, until we have learned the lesson and become harmonious with our environment.
V. Balance
As human beings we are emotional creatures and our own self‐esteem creates our relationship to our environment, which in turn dictates to us our health and well being. Balance is to be at one with our own world and at one with all that is. If we act nega- tively towards our environment we will create a negative environment ‐ this is what is generally known as cause and effect. Understanding this principle law can create a harmonious lifestyle for all.
VI. Cause and Effect
Wherever there is an action there is a reaction. Look at what you are thinking and what is happening around you in your life.You will find it’s directly related to how you feel about yourself.What goes around comes around.If you feel anger toward someone or something in your environment you will find anger directed towards you (when the truth is you are only angry at yourself ).
Cause and Effect can be used to explain how we create our own Universe with our mind. When we are in love, it is as if the whole world is in love with us. When we are angry it is as if the whole world is out to get us. When we love someone we transfer positive thoughts between each other.This positive energy then flows out to our environment.
When we are in love we feel as if all our problems are small because someone is pre- pared to show us love and acceptance. When we are angry at someone it’s because we did not receive love and acceptance.
VII. Acceptance
The principle Law of Acceptance is to accept yourself as you are.To source acceptance from your environment and those in it will show you your imperfections, by firsthand experience. The environment is a reflection of our thoughts and feelings. If we desire to be accepted by the environment we will find that we are not getting acceptance in a way that we desire. We may find that the more we try to get accepted the more we are pushed away. Acceptance has to come from within and flow out to the environ- ment. Understand that your environment will not be perfect, the people in it will never be perfect,and you will never be perfect.To accept yourself as you are is to say,“I am what I am”. Once you have accepted yourself you will have the ability to start moving with the universal flow.
VIII. Universal Flow
To observe universal flow is to observe life from a universal perspective of uncondi- tional love and acceptance. We all have the freedom of choice and free will to live life as we choose. To go with the universal flow is to choose love and acceptance of the self; to love and accept yourself as you are, unconditionally. No matter what you have done throughout your life, the universe loves you unconditionally. No matter how you look or feel about yourself, the universe loves you unconditionally. The keys to the universe are not obtained through pain or a desire for acceptance by others. The keys to the universe come from loving yourself as you are now.You are here living this life because the universe loves you for you. The universe is expanding and we must expand with it.
The universe,cosmos,planets and the earth create energy and life reacts to it.You the planetsandtheuniverseareone;allthingsinitareconnectedasonelivingentity.This is the energy of life force. Accept the love that you are and be a greater force in life.
IX. Life Force
Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. Life force is energy given off by life itself. The trees, animals and all living things ‐ including the Solar system ‐ emanate life force. We are all connected to all things.To appreciate our planet and all things in it is to appreciate ourselves in perfect harmony with all things, and to be totally harmonious and bal- anced within.
How Reiki Works
Reiki healing is a form of vibrational healing. Vibrational healing works on the elec- tromagnetic energy flow of the human body.The human body is similar to a nine volt battery it works off direct current and comes under the same principals and laws of any electrical circuit:electricity flows from positive to earth.Vibrational healing techniques work on the electrical circuit of the human body.
If we where to purchase a brand new car, we would expect to drive up a steep hill without any problems. But if the car was twenty years old we may get a bit of a reduc- tion in speed and a few noises and groans emanating from the ageing body of the car. There is a similarity with the ageing of human bodies. As we age, our electrical circuit ages with us. As we go through life, we find our own personal hills more difficult to overcome.
You could compare the chakra system to a car battery. A car battery has separate cells containing distilled water and acid to allow the electrical current to flow from one cell to another.This is very similar to the primary chakra system.The primary chakra system flows positive energy through our seven primary chakra cells, from the crown chakra to the base – or root – chakra, down to earth.
Positive energy then flows through the secondary chakra system, via our meridian lines. Meridian lines are what are used in the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture.They are our equivalent to electrical cables – connecting the energy flow to all parts of the body.
Thoughts and Emotions
The electrical system of the human body is directly connected to our thoughts.When we feel happy we flow with positive energy and our auric colours are bright and vi- brant. If we worry, we get run down, and if we worry for long periods of time we will find our health deteriorating.
Imagine what would happen if we were to leave the car lights on overnight, we would most probably find the car battery flat in the morning, with little or no positive electri- cal current held within the cells of the battery. Looking at the battery cells you may discover that the fluid has drained quite considerably so that one or all of the cells have emptied, causing the battery to be virtually useless until recharged. Similarly, when we worry or are under stress – when we don’t switch off – we drain our chakra system, and each level has its own separate purpose in relation to our well being.
Chapter 2
The Chakras
The electrical vibration of the human body is governed by our chakra system that works off three levels: the primary chakra system, the secondary meridian chakra sys- tem, and the third, auric level (which is projected out from our primary chakra system). The chakra system and the human aura are directly connected to our emotions and self-patterning, or self-beliefs. We are what we think, and as we think our thoughts each day, they are projected into the aura, which flows with colours and energy.
The human aura is the flow of electromagnetic energy that surrounds each of us. We have all experienced feelings that emanate from the human aura. For instance, if someone stands too close to you, you may feel uncomfortable and feel as if the per- son is standing in your own personal space or aura.
In the human aura we have what are called star points. These star points allow the electromagnetic energy to move around the aura. Even though there are star points all around the human aura I will just concentrate on two of them: The universal star
point and the earthing star point.
Universal Star Point The Universal Star point is at the very top of the aura and is our connection to positive energy. The colour for the star point is pure white, and the energy that emanates from this point allows the flow of universal light to our crown chakra. The positive energy is then split throughout the human body like a prism, causing a rainbow effect upon the primary chakra system. The positive energy that flows from the universal star point allows the energy to flow through the primary chakra system via our kundalini ‐ a line that flows and connects all chakra points, from the crown to the base.
Earthing Star Point
The next star point is the earth connection, which flows beneath our feet in the hu- man aura.The Earthing Star point is our connection to the earth and its colour is silver. Human beings have very large chakra points on the bases of the feet and the earth- ing star point allows the energy of the earth to flow via these points into the body and assists in the release of energy to earth.The clearer the contact that we can have from positive to earth (from the universal star point to the earthing star point), the higher the vibration of the body and the healthier our mental attitude.
If our primary chakra system is closed down slightly on any one of the seven levels, this will cause a reduction in positive electrical flow, and a reduction in energy lead- ing to stress and ill health. When we are fit and healthy and thinking positively about ourselves we flow with positive energy throughout our physical and electrical body.
If we find that we are stressed or worried, or find that we have suffered heartache through a loss or separation, we may find that we are drained on one or all levels of the primary chakra system. This will cause energy loss, which can cause sickness and ill health.
Because the human chakra system is located over the human spinal column and ner- vous system, if the energy is allowed to lower or become blocked for long periods of time, you will feel it as backache. Where the back aches tells you which chakra is lowered in energy.

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