Shaman School Meditations.

communicate With Angels & Guides Meditations.

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Course One: Designed to create a Sacred Space with the Power of the Subconscious Mind.

Create a Sacred Space for oneself anywhere, anytime.  journey through subconscious doors to expend the Human Mind to Higher Powers to create Self Healing & Self Empowerment through the use of Angels & Guides.

Shaman Course: Healing with Light

Course Two: Manifest Your Powers.

The second course is designed to find your Personal Guide & Angels to create the power to be able to manifest money and abundance with Angels and Guides.

I Create a Manifesting light within the subconscious mind that does the rest.

This course also enters into the power of friends & relationships with the ability to look into one's own heart and values.

journey into the mind to look at the emotions connected to one's own life to create positive change in one's life and values.

This is all done subconsciously for anyone who listens 

Shaman Course: Manifestation With Guides And Angels


The Third course is designed to go through two Past Life Regressions that are very different in emotional healing.
The first being very old past life & the second session being very new past life regression to bring balance to the current life experience by healing any past emotional trauma.

You Can Discover who you are by looking into your past

Course Four: Discover Your Destiny Meditation

The Fourth Course is designed to go Through an Ancestral Regression to gain access to the inner strength needed to bring change into one's life.

Everyone is clairvoyant and the subconscious mind knows what you are going to experience in life.

The Square of Life is a subconscious tool used to gain access to one's own future to access a path to success happiness and wealth.

Course Five: Attune To Angels & Guides & Ascended Masters

The Fifth Course is designed to build a subconscious Pyramid of Higher Forces to raise one's mind into the Higher Self linked to the Human Chakra System.
You will also create a Divine Sacred Space in the Universal Higher Mind so a connection is easily accessed once anyone listens to the Course.

You will access the Personal Goddess and Spirit Totems to create stronger personal values and creative instincts.

How to Communicate With Your Angels And Guides Meditation

Course Six: How to manifest Communication With your Guides & Angels.

The Six Course is designed to align the subconscious mind to its full potential.

Accessing the Inner Wizard to Boost Creativity.

The enlightened Prophet to manifest change into one's own environment.

Angelic Powers help access the Higher Powers of the subconscious mind to work to bring change.

The Highest Guides to align the subconscious mind to the Highest Power of All.

Discover Your Angels And Guides Communication Course

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