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This book is designed to unlock the love inside of you and transform your life forever, within seven days. Simply loving oneself can seem difficult thing to accomplish in one’s lifetime, especially after suffering from loss of a loved one or suffered from depression.


When we are born we understand love unconditionally; as we grow we look to others to instill the love that we need to see us throughout life. The environment which we live in normally governs how our personalities are formed. It’s an unfortunate truth that all humans are not perfect and this includes our parents who have such a dominant eect on us. I will change your life in seven days by using stories that have hidden keys within them that are designed to release negativity and enforce a positive healing intent within the foundation of the self.

As you read through the pages of this book, you will attune to the symbols of the Dream Key. The Dream Key symbols are a set of seven symbols designed to align your guides to your vibration, raise your perception of life and promote a more loving and happy lifestyle.
This book is a book of healing that explains how the human chakra system is directly associated to our guides in relation to the human vibration system. The human vibration system is our electrical circuit. The human vibration system is similar to a magnet that will attract what we think into our lives. Just like a genie’s lamp, we get what we wish for with the use of our thoughts. Sometimes we just wish for the wrong things. We manifest into our lives people and situations that make us feel worthless and alone. You have great power within you and are truly more than you think you are.
Guides are higher evolved energies that are created to assist us to reach Universal consciousness which is love of oneself. We are all created with the power of God within us. God is love absolute. This may sound a little presumptuous but a love of oneself is a lifelong relationship. We are more than we think we are, and to lift the veil to our guidance can only bene!t our lives. Humans have many dierent aspects of guidance to assist us throughout our lives, each with their own qualities and gifts.
How can guides help us in reality?
Goddess energy will assist to strengthen personal love and desires
- Negative beliefs: others may seem to dominate us and create a belief that we need to be abused
Spirit Totem energy will assist in defending your personal love and desires - Negative beliefs: others may bully us and make us feel worthless


Inner Wizard energy is divine love of personal self and acceptance.
- Negative beliefs: others make us feel low self-esteem and disrespectful, destructive Christ energy will assist in forgiveness and mercy of your actions
- Negative beliefs: others have hurt us so we have hurt others and feel regretful Angel energy will assist in creating the experience of love and mercy
- Negative belief: others have made us speak negatively of others
Inner Healer energy will assist creating the perception of love and acceptance
- Negative beliefs: others have made us think negative thoughts of ourselves Cosmic Forces energy will assist to create abundance and fortune
- Negative beliefs: others have made us feel unworthy of living with money Highest Guides energy will assist oneself to personal love and desires
- Negative beliefs: others have made us feel unworthy of love
The same God that created the Universe created you. You are universal with a universal mind. We all have the freedom of choice and free will, and once you have completed this book your guides will be in full flow to change your life for the better whether you believe in guides or not.
Humans have hundreds of guides that are responsible for taking care of us, as we go through life. We can access these guides by following the seven steps to enlightenment. The more that you practice these techniques the more you will develop and heal your life.
You cannot use this knowledge to hurt anyone, as these are guides of the light; however, you can manifest anything that is positive that is within your power, with these guides.
This is the way of the Wizard, and we all have an Inner Wizard. We all have a Goddess and we all have a God. This is not a book on Religious Education; this book is a working manual that will help you access the true potential that is within you and discover the God within oneself.


Each guide is as important as the other, and an intricate part of the vibration system. Each guide is responsible for you as is explained in the seven steps of enlightenment.
The human vibration system is very similar to a very powerful magnet. What we think attracts to us; to attune to the symbols of the Dream Key will bring through a self-healing process through enlightenment.
Enlightenment is overcoming the problems we face in life with the use of our thoughts and actions in a positive way.
I will take the reader on a journey of self-discovery that will gently bring you into an understanding of who and what you are as a person by understanding the human condition and the effects this has on others.
Some passages may appear twice to double the effect on the subconscious; after all, this is a book of transformation.
We all have a universal consciousness that has the ability to channel the unconditional love that we have been looking for from others throughout life. Our lives are a reflection of our past experiences; you have believed in yourself to get you this far in life. What do you need to change your life? The only prerequisite to achieve great success in your life is to have the ability to think and follow the exercises in this book to change your life for the better within seven days.
All I ask is that you leave the changes to your life to the Highest Guides of Light. This book explains very easily how the environment affects our health in relation to the human spinal column and nervous system, and creates the effects of ill health.
The human body is also connected to three levels of life, which are called the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life affects us on a karmic and physical level journey and this affects us in our daily lives.
We are all conditioned by the environment, and the environments affect our health. All we desire as human beings is to be loved for who and what we are unconditionally; if we are rejected by others in the environment it affects us in more ways than one. If we are praised, the environment nourishes us. If we are neglected or scolded by the environment, the environment starves us.
For example, Contentment comes from accepting the environment as it is; if you are not content, you have to ask yourself why. Understand that the reason why you are not content is born from a desire to better oneself in the environment. However you must first look at what you need to change within yourself first.
This book is designed to help us look within ourselves so we can become more content and harmonious with the environments.


The keys to the universe are locked within each and every one of us. We are all an intricate part of the Cosmos that flows through the Universe at a million miles an hour, revolving around a star which is the Sun.
As we live out our lives, we all have a duty to give to each other as much love as possible. If you use love to control the environment, the environment cannot control you. You have the freedom of choice and free will to live your life as you please; for example, it is an unfortunate part of
life that we all have to face confrontation in our lives. Let us say that you are confronted by a
very aggressive situation; you have the choice to react aggressively or control yourself without interference. Even if the person using aggression stares you in the face and screams high hell, you still have the choice to react to the situation. If you defend yourself with love to others, you are responding correctly. You have the choice to act either with aggression or cool calm; you always have the choice of which way you react to others in the environment and control the situation.
You hold the key to your perceptions and how you wish to create the environment that you live
in. It’s not a matter of allowing the people of the world to walk over you. It’s a matter of controlling your emotions and allowing the aggression to pass through. This is using a non-resistant attitude towards others who want to dominate us by using fear as their way of getting their own way. Using love and non- resistance as your defense will conquer any form of aggression.
Life is a university of lessons and once you have read this book, you will graduate knowing who and what you are as a person, as your guides will associate themselves to your vibration. This will come in the form of infinite love and wisdom, helping you to overcome obstacles and make your life more successful.
The Dream Key symbols help decipher other symbols, specifically Mason Marks. These symbols originate from the Knights Templar, and there is a whole section dedicated to these symbols for those who wish to heal themselves or others with these symbols. To heal others is to heal thyself.
This book also covers the symbols of Rosslyn Chapel, Glasgow Cathedral, Dunkeld Cathedral, and Melrose Chapel, which are very early symbols that go back to the time of Knights Templar.
The symbols of Knights Templar are a set of hands-on healing positions designed to connect through the human chakra system, and release negativity. Each symbol has its own powerful quality. However, if these symbols are combined with other symbols, they create a dynamic new healing technique that has infinite possibilities.



In the year 1999 I had a dream of seven symbols. The symbols were engraved onto a stone pillar which was in the centre of a tomb.
It was as if they had sat there undisturbed for thousands of years. Now is the time for these symbols to be revealed to the world.
The symbols were very basic and looked as if they had only been engraved yesterday.These symbols are dynamic healing symbols that have the ability to attract your highest guides on seven vibration levels as well as correspond to the human body and form a formidable healing technique. These symbols, which I have termed the Dream Key, are the core element of my healing technique and I will use visualizations techniques and illustrations to help you to attune yourself to the symbols.
I will take you on a journey which is a reality and not a figment of the imagination. Even I found it hard to comprehend that symbols heal the human body, but they do.
We use symbols every day of our lives. When we drive a car we stop at red traffic lights. The question has to be asked,“How do symbols work during a treatment?”
Humans have the ability to give more than one hundred percent in any action that we wish to perform. We reduce our potential through stress and worry.
We all have the ability to heal with our hands; to stress and worry about the treatment can reduce our healing performance for the client and ourselves. Every symbol has its own structure and purpose.
Each symbol that we use throughout life means one thing or another. To use symbols during a healing is to simply focus on the symbol and allow the symbol to perform its duty, or intention. Humans think on a continuous basis; to simply focus on a symbol is easier than to worry whether the treatment is taking place.
I have also used symbols to teach healing techniques, because symbols are easier to remember than a configuration of hand positions that flow over the human body to perform a treatment.
Symbols have been used throughout the history of mankind; we can immediately recognize a symbol more easily than any other form of communication, once the symbol is learned.
For example every country has its own flag, emblem or symbol; the Dream Key symbols have the power to open each and every one of us to the love of healing.
The Dream Key symbols also unlock the symbols of Knights Templar, giving the ability to interpret each symbol and understand its purpose.
I stumbled across the symbols of Knights Templar
on a trip to Rosslyn Chapel, which was built by the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar later became the Freemasons and the order of the Rosicrucian.
I do not in any way, shape or form state that I know everything there is to know about the Freemasons and the Rosicrucian. I will leave that to the Masons and the Rosicrucian’s; there are lots of books written on the subject. However, I do feel it necessary to write about a little bit of history that will not deviate too far from the subject of the symbols so the reader understands that these symbols have a fascinating history


The Knights Templar built Rosslyn Chapel in 1446; the Templar order suffered in oppression throughout Europe after the uprising in France in 1307, and settled in Scotland. The king of France laid siege on Friday the thirteenth (this day was known as Black Friday); the Knights Templar order and most of prominent people were imprisoned, tortured and killed.
To harbour a member of the fugitive Knights Templar during the time of persecution in Europe would have meant excommunication by the Roman Catholic Church. Lands owned by Knights Templar were confiscated; those seen practicing their religion were killed.
The Knights Templar later became the Freemasons of today.
Stories of the Knights Templar associate them to the Arc of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, the Shroud of Turin and the spear that entered the side of Jesus Christ during the crucifixion as well as excavating the Temple of Solomon during the Crusades.
Rosslyn Chapel still holds a lot of mystery today in the beautiful surroundings of Rosslyn near Edinburgh.
On a cold November day I was warming myself in the Museum of Rosslyn Chapel; a small card that depicted various symbols caught my eye.
The symbols looked very similar to the symbols of the Dream Key.
I have spent the last few years learning to decipher the power of the symbols of Rosslyn Chapel, Dunkeld Cathedral, Melrose Chapel and Glasgow Cathedral.
Each church or chapel was given a set of marks or symbols.
Each symbol corresponds to a position on the human body and is a formidable healing technique.
These symbols have their own power hidden within their form and shape; the symbols have the ability to create change in one’s life. Templar symbols are designed to work with other symbols that, combined, create dynamic life-changing results. I have given names to the symbols of the Knights Templar. The original name of the symbol may have been lost through the ages. The original name of the symbols is irrelevant; it is the intention behind the symbol that is important. I have attuned myself to each symbol and allowed each symbol to show me the healing power and vibration name behind its sacred image.
I have given each symbol the name and purpose that presented itself to me. There is a configuration of symbols to bring about the desired result in healing. It is not necessary to attune to each symbol once you have attuned your vibration to the Dream Key. The Dream Key will reveal the power of each symbol in its own unique way.

I will attune you to the Dream Key symbols through stories that will serve as a key to open the subconscious mind.
The symbols of Knights Templar will attune themselves to your vibration as you go through the process of learning how to heal with the symbols.
The symbols of Knights Templar were brought from the Temple of Solomon by the Knights Templar during the crusades. It is said that is how the name of the order originated.
Templar symbols all have origin from the same place, Solomon’s Temple.


The tree of life is the oldest form of meditation, and is the best way to describe how the physical body is affected by the environment and causes stress on the human body. Buddha shows that the Stupa has three levels within oneself.
The steps covering the legs are connected to our roots, or underworld.
The steps covering the body are connected to the trunk, or middle world.
The steps covering the head are connected to our upper world.
Buddha shows the symbols covering the body. Buddha showing the three levels of the Stupa
If you can imagine a tree with the roots connected to Earth, through the roots of the tree that are nourished and protected from the elements. If the roots are strong they will survive the storm.
Our personal roots come from our past experience of the environment, family, friends, associates; this creates a foundation for our lives through the experiences of how we react to situations. If
our roots are strong, we will overcome the personal storms that occur throughout life. If they are weak, we fall with a thump. The roots of the tree are our underworld connection in Greek and Celtic Mythology. In other words it is what is under us or behind us as we have gone through life. This is the experience of our past; the positive and negative actions that create our perceptions of what our life is, and how we should act in life.

We experience life through three levels of awareness: Telestial, Terrestrial, Celestial; this is easily explained by the Tree of Life.
Imagine a tree with its roots flowing deep into the earth. Our roots are our experiences throughout life that we learned to live by. Similar to a tree we cannot see our roots, but they live in reality within our feelings.
The Terrestrial is the trunk of the tree that can be seen above ground and is visible to us. The Terres- trial is directly connected to how we make decisions on a daily basis within the world we see.
The Celestial is the upper branches of the tree. We have to look up to see the branches and leaves that soak up the energy of the Sun.
The Celestial is connected to what we think we are. The Sun brings growth to the tree. If we are thinking lower than the leaves of a tree we are not allowing growth into our lives. Not loving one self.
Telestial is directly connected to our past and the experience of life on Earth, the conscious reality of the self directly associated to our pasts. The past doesn’t exist in the reality of now. However it does exist in our memories and the feelings connected to them. In life bad things happen to us and we can think back to them on a continual basis, drawing on the energy of the past every day, which can be very destructive as it allows the fear to be kept alive on a continual basis. As we experience life we are all affected by the environment and the challenges we have to overcome.
The conscious level of awareness is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves and is directly pro- portional to the experience of the environment; in fact the environment is only a mirror image of us.
Whatever we have to learn will be directed toward us through our thoughts and perceptions of how we feel we should react. The Telestial affects us on a physical level throughout our legs. Our legs are our roots from the Hips down. We can hold deep-rooted anger, frustration and resentment in our legs; the chemicals created by our thoughts flows to our legs causing damage to inflame the joints.


Terrestrial is the life force given off by all life and is directly connected to the subconscious. The subconscious only wants you to live an easy life and will learn what you wish it to learn within the limitations of the environment, and endeavor to keep us safe.
It governs our feelings and instinctive reactions to the environment.
For example, when you first learn to drive a car it is a daunting experience. You have to take notice of the road, as well as operate the moving vehicle. You learn not to go through red traffic lights, because this symbol means to stop. To pass through a red signal could result
in an accident. You are conscious of what you are doing. When you have learned to operate the car and passed the driving test, within a short period of time you can drive to a destination and hardly think about driving the car, as it becomes a second instinct or subconscious act. The subconscious will learn what you wish it to learn and you are the master of it, not the other way round. Throughout life we have learned to walk and talk, without giving it a second thought.
The subconscious knows our past, present and future because of the safety aspects of how we feel towards the environment. We can teach it whatever we wish.
Telestial is the experience of life on Earth. Terrestrial is the consciousness of the environment.
For example, all that humanity desires is love and acceptance from others that we meet. When we are small children we look at life through the eyes of love.
Our past life experience will dictate the environment and the parents that will influence our personal growth and development.
In our teenage years we endeavor to separate from our parents and their lessons and perceptions of life; teenagers search to develop their own lives with freedom from parental guidance.
Teenagers perceive that they know what they are doing as they experiment with pushing the boundaries of life, and they do this as a natural form of the progression of humanity.
Through this time period teenagers may become part of a gang and fight for their place in humanity to control others with their actions. This concept still has its base roots in our tribal heritage.
The instinct that young children have to play-fight runs deeper than you think. On an energy format you can see it on a planetary level as well as a personal level. If the strongest wins, the other person is defeated and this causes a reaction.
The first thing to be observed is that this action does not come from love. It comes from the

gothic-1629448_640need to be feared by others in the environment. Energy is energy, whether it comes from love or fear, and the environment will dictate the level of fear or love that will flow from others. If we wish to take more control of the environment through fear, it will be reflected back at us and we will find ourselves being controlled by fear.
How would this work? If I wanted people to be frightened of me, I would get a lesson in fear. People would observe the way I walked and talked and I would find myself in a continual fight for control, until I decided to stop living in fear. People, who have lived a life of fearing, or fighting, live in fear and may find the world never loves them, only fears them. These people may never feel the true power of love from others. The person that fears or fights for love may live in perpetual fear of others for the rest of his life. People that fear, mistake fear for love. Unfortunately once they have lost the fight they may never learn how to love themselves or others, endeavoring to regain the power that never really was there in the first place. Love
is the stronger power and longer lasting. Great fighters have come and gone, but lovers will always be remembered. The best examples of lovers of people are the Buddha and Jesus Christ.
If we find ourselves wishing to be loved by the environment, we would gain a lesson of being unloved. If we want to be more accepted by the environment, we would learn a lesson in non- acceptance.
The environment will reflect back the lesson of how we perceive ourselves in the environment. Humans cannot love anyone else more than one can love oneself. We cannot accept others more than we can accept ourselves. To be in control of oneself will give you the ability to control the environment; happiness and success will come naturally.
The areas negatively affected on a physical level by allowing the environment to affect us are the Vital Organs and the Nervous System and Spinal Column.
All humans experiencing life are spiritual beings with the ability to overcome problems with the use of our thoughts and actions.
Humans think between forty thousand to seventy thousand thoughts per day. What we think creates chemicals that flow throughout our body. Very simply, to think happy thoughts creates happy chemicals and vice-versa. These chemicals affect our bodies in different ways; stress can build up toxins that attack the physical body after a period of time, causing all kinds of problems. When we are stressed, we more easily become angry and irritated by others around us, and this causes more conflict to our relationships with others.
The biggest question to mankind is why we exist. All humans have feelings and emotions, and react according to the environment with happiness or sadness. Most of us believe that a God created everything that is in the Universe. All I am asking with the use of this book is to allow the God within you to help you to overcome these problems that have affected you throughout your life, and trust that the God that created the Universe also created you. Simply by connecting to the God within can help you overcome these problems.

glass-window-1644585_640You have done everything by yourself to get you this far in life, and we all need a little help now and again. What better help could we ask for than from the big man himself?
We are all part of the universe going through a planetary experience called the Earth. We will
be affected by the influence of the planets through the environment. This will dictate to us our personal nature and well being; if the environment is negative towards us we will find that we will respond negatively, even if this endangers our personal safety and well-being. Our thoughts create our emotions, and this leads to our actions. By controlling your thoughts you can control your environment.
We are more than we think we are and no-one is immune to the human condition; we all have feelings. Accept your feelings and ask the God within you to help you to overcome your problems that have negatively affected your happiness on Earth.
As humans we must learn to give, and release our desires to control the environment by simply controlling oneself.
Celestial is the divine conscious or God self. On a physical level, this affects the body and on this level can affect everything.
Humans are Universal [God like] with a mind that is connected to the environment, Earth and Cosmos. Humans are affected by the influence of the planets and the cyclic phases of the Moon. Humans are connected to life force that is given off by all that exists in life.
Crystals, plants, animals, the Earth, Cosmos and the Universe are all connected and influenced by Life Force.
The environment is our life force in action.
What is life force?
All things in the environment give off life force.
All life gives off life force. All basic life, such as trees and flowers, give healing and love to the planet. Think of the planet Earth as a huge crystal sending love to the universe. Life force has been called Prana or Chi, and has been made a commonly known exercise through Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a very powerful exercise to practice that brings harmony within oneself, Tai Chi is to learn how to exercise our breathing in harmony with our body movements.
Life force is more easily explained by the interactions that we have with other humans. If we find that others love us, we feel safe and secure.

If we find that we are rejected, or not accepted by others in the environment, we start to feel angry and frustrated towards others.
Anger is love and compassion combined; if you didn’t feel passionate about what you love, you wouldn’t get angry.To think of anger through fear decreases your life force and personal energy levels.
The key is to understand that you are still giving love in a negative way with the use of your thoughts.
I admit that no one likes to feel rejected by anyone, but the simple truth is that we are diminishing our personal energy while we are thinking of the rejections.
If we find that we have been rejected, we will start to look for answers to why we have been rejected. Our thoughts create our experience of life by the energy that we place upon the planet. We create our own Universe with the use of our thoughts and perceptions. Since we have been rejected, we feel as if we have to reject others; the question that has to be asked is,“Why”?
To reject others creates an imbalance in our personal environment. As we think of the rejection that we have experienced, we go through emotional pain. Furthermore, we may be subjected to physical or emotional pain; the person who is rejecting us is endeavoring to gain our personal energy or power status.
As we think of the situation, we place all of our personal power and energy into this situation. The person who has rejected us feels the power of our thoughts, because of all of the thought energy that we have directed their way. We have accepted their rejection and others have taken our energy through the elements of life force.
The environment in one way or another has its effect on everyone that lives. Anyone who has had a sad moment or has cried has been affected through the environment. We are the environment, and the way we all think has its impact upon the Earth. Everything we think and feel has an effect upon the Earth.This is our time of existence and I will show you how to unfold the power that is within you.
We move through our environmental life lessons in cycles. These examples will help give an understanding of how the environment affects us and these are called the cycles of life.

Let’s have a look at the cycle of life lessons. When we are first born we know what we are here to overcome.
We understand this through our feelings, and I believe it is beneficial to explore re-birthing techniques. Up to the age of eight our parents are semi-Gods. We love them unconditionally. It does not matter if your parents physically or emotionally abuse you, you still see them as Gods and you love them dearly. You are born into your lesson and your parents, and the environment is part of the lesson, which you have chosen. We all wish to be loved and accepted, by our family, our friends, and all of the people that we meet.
We are born into our lesson, and we are born into the environment that holds our lesson.
Once the child reaches puberty, they are developing their own perceptions of the world, and in their late teens, see their parents as a way not to live their lives.
The young adult looks upon his parents and their lives, as an alien race.
The age gap is huge and the young adult is out to conquer the world and push the personal boundaries that every insurance company knows only too well.
Once the young adults have established themselves and developed a career or studied in university, they are single and enjoying the world and all it has to offer.
Life is good and they have the whole of their lives to live.
The young adults are going out and testing their skills in relationships.
One day the young adult decides to live with a partner and they have a lot in common and have lots of money. Both partners are working and all is well.
Then one day she falls pregnant. One partner has to look after the baby and possibly work part time, while the other has to compensate and take more responsibility.
Then out of the blue, they have more children and now they need a larger house, new furniture and all the things that go with it.
One partner now is working more hours than God can provide, to keep up with the pace of life.
Then one day they look back to when they were young adults. They realize that they have done the same as their parents; all of the hopes and dreams of their childhood have come to nothing, or are half finished. Then they try to catch up with all of the things that they wanted to do throughout their life, and this is called mid-life crisis.
The cycle has come full circle. For example, if you were born in the western country, your experience would be very different than if you were born in a Middle Eastern country or a tropical island.


As humans beings we are cyclic; what I mean by this is we move through our life lessons in cycles. We flow through emotional cycles.
Lessons come in cycles and these cycles are approximately from three to six months; the length of frequency of these cycles varies amongst individuals because we are all different.
With some people the time will be shorter and others a little bit longer, because we are all different; we all have different gifts and tools to carry us through life. Let us imagine a circle with success at the top and fear at the bottom. In the middle is our safety zone.
We all like feeling safe but throughout life we are forced to change, as the Earth, Cosmos and the Universe are changing; we have to change with them, and we fight change. One hundred years ago the world was a very different place.The first flight was in 1903 and parts of the planet were still unpopulated, with lush rain forest.
The world was a very difficult place to move around because of global conflict and slow modes of transport; now we can travel the world in a day, making it a very small place to live, and old ways of perceiving the world will change through time, as they always have done. We no longer think the planet is flat.
No person’s experience of life will be the same as that of another’s; even if we had another head growing on our shoulders, life experiences would differ because our attitude towards life and how we encounter confrontation will be different.
We create our own Universe by what we think our environment is to us; the truth is the environment creates who we think we are.
For example, have you ever been in love with someone else?
After the initial meeting you have found someone with whom you have a lot in common.
You search for common likes and dislikes. You have connected to someone and through this connection you are flowing with positive energy or love. You value this person, and feel wonderful that this person actually likes you for you. You feel that you are loved and accepted. Even when you are separate from this person, your thoughts flow to each other and you both think that the experience is wonderful.
As you go into the world, it is as if the world has a golden glow around it.
You seem to meet people, who are holding hands [possibly it’s the first time in years, but there they are holding hands today, for you] and the world seems wonderful. It is as if the whole world is in love with you.

In contrast, have you ever had a bad news day? It is as if the whole world is out to get you. You wake up and feel terrible.
You have had a terrible night’s sleep; the last thing you feel like doing is going to work.
You spill coffee down your shirt and cannot find a clean one. You have difficulty starting the car; on the way to work you encounter every red traffic light on the way, making you late and irate.
You have endured a number of car drivers who showed aggression and it’s as if every driver on the road is out to abuse you. When you get to work, what can go wrong will go wrong. Welcome to cause and effect. What we say and do creates energy.
So be careful of what you say and do, because what you say and do to others will happen to you.
When we are in love, we are showing care and forgiveness towards others; this creates the environment to show care and forgiveness to you. When we are hit with a lesson we feel pain, and this pain brings change. When we are hit with a lesson we slowly fall below our safety zone, and the size of the cycle will dictate the effect of the change.
If we fall to the bottom of the cycle, we fall into depression and this is where we can find drug, alcohol and gambling addiction. We attempt to avoid our lessons.
The simple fact is that when we have not been accepted by the environment we have to find alternative forms of relief. Unfortunately our lessons are there when we wake up, and follow us around because they are our lessons.
We can hide in our house or on top of a mountain; as soon as we go outside or come down from our mountain, there is our lesson staring us in the face because it is the way we perceive our environment with us in it.
Our lessons that come to us throughout life are there to bring change, and we all have lessons to learn throughout life.
Whether we find that we are living life similar to the Dalai Lama, or a prisoner in jail, we will all have lessons and we endeavour to get through life with the limited knowledge that we have of the world.
There is really very little difference; after all we are all human, with karmic opportunities that we have created through our life and lives, and we all earn karma, positive and negative. Deep within us we all know what we are meant to be doing with our life, but through fear and insecurity, hang on to our safety zones, even if it is on a subconscious level. At one time safety zones would have been a necessary part of our survival.


A few hundred years ago, to be travelling would have been a great risk to our safety zones, because this could have meant our immediate death, due to tribal boundaries, conflict and war.
We fear our lessons, and as change opens up new possibilities to our life, we are all in fear of not being accepted, loved or hurt, emotionally or physically. The cycle runs like this:
Security of being, Enthusiasm Cheerfulness Conservatism Interaction Antagonism Anger
Covert hostility
Grief, Apathy
Death or Suicide
We live our lives within the cycles of life; these flow between our fear of death and suicide, to the security of being.
CYCLE OF LIFE - Part three
When we are first born, we are given love and acceptance unconditionally.
The human race is enough evidence that we were given enough love and acceptance to survive. Through life we seek unconditional love and acceptance, but we are not given it by others.
We seek other formats and ways to gain our energy.
For example: Let’s say that two young parents have a baby.
This new baby has all of the love and attention that these two young parents can give.
The new baby doesn’t come with a rule book or operation instructions, but the young parents try to give as much love and attention as possible to their new child.


The child grows up, expecting a certain amount of attention. After a few years the young parents have another child.
The young parents only have so much time in the day; this new child needs just as much attention as the first child.
More time is taken with the new child because of restless sleep and new feeding times.
They try to give both children the same amount of love and energy, but are unfortunately only human, as we all are.
The first child soon realizes that he or she isn’t getting the same attention as the new child.
So what does the first child start to do? The first child starts acting in different ways that are purely out of character.
The first child becomes naughty - standing in front of the TV, smashing things and prepared to do anything for attention or energy.
Even in the extreme situation where the first child is berated, he is getting attention or energy that he feels he deserves.
What the child wants is your energy; we are all naughty children. Energy is energy and it doesn’t matter how we attain it, we desire energy. Money is not the true currency of the world, energy is. We will do anything for energy; as the human condition. We are prepared to do just about anything to get it. If we are not given enough love and attention when we are children we are wounded, and endeavour to find alternative ways to access energy. These forms of accessing energy are learned form others and are very destructive to other people. For example:
Why would anyone wish to be a control freak?
Certain individuals become control freaks because they are in fear of being controlled themselves.
When a control freak starts shouting out their orders, they feel good and secure that they are in charge.
They don’t know why they are doing it, other than that they feel good and energized while ordering others around.
The people who are being ordered around don’t feel comfortable, and may resent or dislike the situation.
They possibly may even feel fearful of the situation, thinking of all the things that they would like to say or do to the controller; they hold themselves in fear of taking action, in fear of reprisal or confrontation.


It may reach a point that after work they think of the control freak, giving their energy to the situation on a continual basis; this will only end up draining us and making us ill.
Why would anyone want to be a passive-aggressive?
Passive-aggressive behaviour is one of the most powerful ways to drain a person because it follows the main principle for the need of love and acceptance. Let’s say you have moved to a new job or area. You feel vulnerable because you have a new position to learn and new people to work with.
Let’s say that you are accepted and find that the people are happy to have you with them; they all are saying how wonderful you are and how good you are to be with.
Then out of the blue you are ignored or put down.
You feel that you have done something terribly wrong to be treated this way, and try every avenue to reach the same level of acceptance that you enjoyed before. Every time that you ask,“What is the matter?”They either ignore you or you are abused.
You feel responsible for their actions and feel rejected and terribly hurt. For weeks or days you try to find new ways to be accepted, and all fall by the wayside.
When you are in your private moments, you spend time thinking of the situation and how you can be accepted once more, to the point of either getting angry or making yourself ill.
Passive aggressive behaviour is like giving a child a sweet with one hand and smacking him with the other.
Once the passive aggressive thinks that they have you in a comfortable position, they go for the emotional jugular, and reject or attack you to the full effect; this will cause maximum personal energy loss for the poor person it affects.
Out of all of the attributes of working negatively to the environment, passive aggression is the most effective in damaging self-esteem, because it attacks the inner need for love and acceptance by others.
Why would anyone wish to be a victim?
Victims are people who have suffered loss of their identity through abuse by another.
Out of all of the energy formats, this is one of the most unusual. Victims normally follow the format that we all wish to help our fellow man, and are non-aggressive to the point of extreme.
They will endeavour to manipulate a person by using guilt tactics and puppy dog eyes to get what they want.
Victims will always have a sorry story to tell.They draw as much compassion out of a person or a group as possible.They never really wish to move forward with their lives.You can give advice or positive responses as much as you like to help the victim.
The victims will endeavour to respond to the help, but once they feel that they have done enough, they will fall to their old ways, normally to the frustration of the person trying to help the victim.
Why do victims do this? It is where they are getting their energy from.They will go from one sorry story to the next and wait poised for the next person who will lend them a careful unsuspecting ear.
By the way, we are all victims in one way or another. We are all going through lessons in life, and in one time of your life others would have victimized you.
Let’s say that we have been invited to a party or large function.
You only know one person there, and feel a little vulnerable. You immediately put on a reflection: an emotional coat that you think will fit the situation to hide behind. This is what you show to others. This is also called the shadow. The shadow is what we present to others to fit into the situation. Let’s say that a soldier has single-handedly taken a machine gun post and killed the entire enemy. After the event every one sees him as a hero. Throughout life people know him as a brave person and he enjoys the publicity as a hero. He is presenting himself as the hero. However, directly proportional to his brave front will be a person who is fearful.
Whatever we present to others, there is a directly proportional shadow behind us. For example:
Resentment - forgiveness
Fear - love
Anger - harmony and so on.
As you look around the room you can see different people in their groups, all showing different behavioural patterns.
Some groups are laughing, whereas others are more serious and look more daunting. Some people pass you and you feel very comfortable; other people you want to miss with a barge pole.
The question you have to ask is, why?
We attract to us people who are in the same lesson as us, or have similar energy feelings to us. This
covers relationships and friends.
We connect invisible cords, which go out from us to people that we like, as well as people that we don’t like.


Let’s say that there is a person in the room that you feel very uncomfortable around.This person seems to follow you all over the room.
Every time you look up, this person is either looking towards you or seems to be talking about you.
This person has connected to you. You may feel happy about this situation or threatened, knowing that there is a connection without your consent. Soon you meet face to face with the person, who either compliments you or abuses you. Either way the connection has been made. Now you have the opportunity to react to the situation. How you react will dictate the strength of the connection.
If the person is passive aggressive you will feel uneasy with the situation; the passive aggressive person will be full of compliments and false smiles, waiting for the opportunity of lulling you into a false sense of security. If you feel very comfortable with the connection, the person is positive, and a positive meeting is set in place. Listen to your feelings; they will tell you who and what is safe.
Why would anyone want to be a politician and have the responsibility of a country? Power and energy.
While politicians are making decisions for you, they have your power. Why would anyone wish to fight in a boxing ring?
Let’s say two five-year-old children are going into a ring to hit each other for half an hour until they are black and blue.
Any child would have the sense not to partake in such a pointless act. Adults fight for energy; the winner takes all.
The loser has found a limitation or boundary and is no longer playing God. He has lost.
Fear comes in, and then the loser starts thinking of what should have been said or what should have been done to win.
The winner has already won and is looking for the next conquest. The loser has found limitation and during the time of pondering on the limitation, gives all of the energy away to the victor with the use of their thoughts.
Thoughts create energy and are instant. To think of anyone through fear and anger will drain you. You can say,‘What does this have to do with healing?’
It has everything to do with the way we live our lives and the things that drain us in an emotional and energy process.
Through this you can see that we do things and interact with people for energy.


Life force energy is all around us.
To every pain there is a locked emotion and when we are drained of energy we feel pain.
The Universe is not that cruel - to give us lessons that we cannot overcome.
All lessons are within the reach of our personal understanding. The environment will bring you the answer in the form of a lesson.
You can say,‘What happens with global disasters where thousands of people are killed, or war?’ This is the way the Earth cleans the karma of the world.
The world is a small place and conflict needs to be cleared, to move forward in the growth pattern of the Earth.
You can see world conflict as daunting as a child who wants control of another child, going through their lessons of life.
Over the last century we have seen two wars that have changed the world in a huge way. Sometimes to have two countries in conflict will develop a race for superiority on a great scale.
Let’s say that on a grand scale a person six foot five would have an advantage if the average size of the people were two foot six.
The larger person can bully the people around and make them listen, through fear of getting hurt.
Let’s say that one day one of the little people has had enough of the bullying and injustice, and decides to punch the big fellow in the eye; once the punch is delivered the six foot five person may get a fright.
The big person may go as far as try to make an example of the little fellow. This doesn’t stop the fact that he was punched in the face.
The big fellow starts to compensate by hurting lots of little fellows for no reason, but this only starts to build up the resentment.
One day all of the little fellows decide that they have had enough injustice, and they all punch the big fellow.
The big fellow lives in the same fear, that he placed the little fellows in, for the rest of his life. Why do people stay in abusive relationships?
There are a number of ways humans can abuse each other in the energy format: physically, sexually and emotionally. Each one is as destructive as the other. They are all born from the need to overpower the other in the relationship.
How does this work?
Let’s say that you meet someone and you are searching for the common denominator, which is a solid relationship, formed from love.
You meet someone that is compatible with you. The relationship is built up over a time-period normally lasting from six weeks to six months; let’s say we call this the ‘honeymoon period.’
The relationship cords are strong, and the love is powerful. Each partner thinks positively towards each other.
After the honeymoon period the partners have built a solid foundation for the relationship, built from love and affection.
However, the honeymoon period can only last for a short period of time.
Partners need to find a common interest and start living their own lives within the foundation of the relationship.
Prior to this time the relationship was strong, and each partner delivered a strong love-connection with each other through the cord of love. Now that the relationship has a solid format, they endeavor to live their lives together as partners. However if one of the partners is insecure, they will start to feel as if the love-connection is getting weaker. They don’t know what is wrong, but feel that they are not getting the love that they received before. Then out of the blue with little provocation, the insecure partner will attack the other partner. Once the attack is over, the insecure one will promise never to attack again, to reassure the trust between each partner.
However these attacks will start again as soon as the insecure one feels that the cord of connection is beginning to weaken.
There may be a lot of attacks or infrequent attacks, but there will always be attacks.
The relationship now is based on fear not love; fear is flowing through the cord of connection, and as soon as the abused partner starts to feel relaxed with the situation, the other partner will attack with very little or no provocation.
The only way to resolve this situation is to get out of the relationship.
It is not based on love, and will always be destructive to each partner as a whole.
For example: if someone was to meet another for the first time, and physically, sexually or mentally abused the other, there would be little hope for a relationship.

The insecure and abusive partners know how to play the game of abuse as they have also been abused themselves, and if they are in denial of their behaviors the only way to a solution is to set yourself free from the situation and leave.
The cycles of life affect us throughout our lives; if we are not aware of how they affect us in our daily lives, they can be quite destructive for ourselves and those we love around us.
I have included the ‘Desiderata’ to finish off the cycles of life. The Desiderata was written in 1692 in Baltimore, USA. The Desiderata was found in old St Paul’s Church and gives an excellent example of how to live our lives in a perfect way.
The Desiderata.
Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not bend you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism.
Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither, be cynical about love: for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is perennial as the grass.
Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrender the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.
Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.
With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy.
Depression comes from the need to better oneself.
People who are depressed have certainly felt the forces of fear and evil turned towards them. Fear and evil are the tools that turn humanity back into love.
I will explain this more in detail as I go through the book.
Depression is well named because we are depressing our thoughts and energy towards the lower aspects of our body, our lower spinal area, which is connected to what we love personally on a vibration level.
Within this vibration level we are focusing our thoughts [energy] to our lower chakra system that is directly connected to our personal values of who we are as a person in relation to our personal values of what we love.
Understand that it is because you are intelligent, that you feel the need to depress. In fact all that has happened is others in the environment reject the way we feel towards ourselves, while we are focusing our personal energy to Earth or the lower chakra levels. We do this to help move forward with our lives and be more accepted by others.
During this period we can feel drained by the life we have created for ourselves in the environment because of our own feelings of rejection towards ourselves. Unfortunately the more we try to be accepted and overcome our rejection, the more rejected and less accepted we become, because the environment is a reflection of us, and acceptance has to come from oneself.
In times like these we feel isolated and alone, which is the way it is meant to be to bring personal growth to oneself.
Once you realize the situation is worthless, and decide to change direction with your personal perceptions of whom and what you are as a person...
Once you decide that you have put yourself through enough torture, and stop thinking about how and what others think about you, and stop giving your energy away, you may begin to realize that you are a child of God, and God wishes you to be here. No one is any better than anyone else, and if others cannot accept you for who you are, that is their personal lesson in acceptance. Please understand that when you are endeavoring to live up to other people’s expectations, you are not being true to yourself. Once you are honest to yourself, you will find a way to release negativity from the situation and set yourself free.
Living up to other people’s expectations is accepting others to rule you as a higher authority, and giving your personal divinity to them.
We are all here for lessons. No one is perfect; if we were, we wouldn’t be here. We would have reached a higher plane of existence through rebirth, so don’t let the gift of life get you down.
You are more than you think you are.
How does depression work on an energy level?
Earth energy is a lot heavier than the universal energy of love.
To depress, is to focus on the energy of the earth, which will make us feel lethargic and heavy.
You can witness this by observing people walking with their shoulders forward and head looking down to the ground; it’s as if they are focusing upon the earth with their thoughts, and holding the world upon their shoulders at the same time.
As humans, we know what we want and we know what we don’t want. The way in which I look at life is, if I feel that something is wrong, there generally is something wrong.
If I feel that I am being led astray, I generally have been led astray. We all have the ability to think clearly.
The only reason why humans fall into disarray and not think clearly is the need to do what is right by others, and endeavoring to live up to other people’s expectations too highly. Normally during this time period we find that we are honest to everyone else, but not to ourselves. We are disempowering ourselves, and allowing ourselves to place too many people into our decision- making in a need for approval from others.
The only reason the clarity of thinking is unclear is because we are thinking of others as higher than ourselves. The key is to be honest; others can only control us if we allow them to.
If the situation does not feel right, it isn’t. Why the situation isn’t right is because you are being dishonest with yourself and allowing others to control your life. You are not a tree, rooted to the Earth; you have the freedom of choice as we all do.
If others cannot accept you as a divine being with every right to live and breathe, who are they to judge?
Follow your dreams. Your dreams have the power to reach your full potential in life. If you take the ‘me’ out of dreamed, you are left with dread.
What is Psychic attack? Psychic attack is to think negatively toward someone in the environment.
Creating a picture in one’s mind of doing negative things to that person will create the experience.
However, with every action there is a reaction. This sort of thinking will also create a negative experience for oneself, which is the law of cause and effect and our karmic debt to humanity.
For example; when you are in love, you are thinking positively towards the environment and expressing your love to another person; obviously you are visualizing positive thoughts of love.
When you find someone you dislike for whatever reason, you think negative thoughts, and this creates negative experiences for oneself.
The simple fact is that if you are angry, you are only angry with yourself for letting the situation happen in the first place as well as having feelings of rejection and non-acceptance.
It is a simple human condition that you are not going to be liked by everyone all of the time. How many times have pop idols reached the pinnacle of their career only to be shot down in flames with ‘bad press’ and common indifference? You are only human; accept it.
We are all going through the humility of life and we are here to make mistakes. The thoughts that we think on a daily basis create the energy of our experiences. Our thoughts create the feelings, and these feelings flow into our actions, either communicative or physical. What we think can affect others by the use of our thoughts. Winners feel energized, and losers feel drained. When we lose, we think of the situation and draw the energy of the experience to us. The winner has already won, and receives the loser’s energy in full. All humans cannot be winners all of the time, so life is a win-lose situation.
To use psychic attack on people is simple and easy to perform. People have found fear as a useful tool to use in life, provoking a group to intimidate people around them, making others fearful of reprisals or conflict.
People who have found fear as a useful tool in life may choose a quarry, and focus all their fear tactics on one person, making the quarry’s life an absolute misery, possibly to the point of manic depression. The fear-maker is using bullying techniques and is a very sad person indeed; anyone who has suffered an attack from a fear-maker has to understand that the only way the fear-maker can find relief from their fear is to make others more fearful than themselves.
If you find yourself in a situation of being bullied by another and find that you cannot get yourself out of fear, source a higher authority to resolve the situation; the fear-maker is a natural coward
to be in the situation of having to use fear to access energy to sustain life force from others. Unfortunately the bullying may be resolved, but the fear of the situation may exist with us for years, culminating in a continuation of similar events happening throughout our life because of our thoughts drawing the fear towards our life experience. We get in life what we think; to be placed in this unfortunate situation can create similar situations in our lives. Even if it’s the last thing that we want to create for ourselves, thinking about the past events can create similar events for us.
The quickest way to resolve the fear in our lives is to change the past through visualization techniques. For those who find these techniques difficult, please understand that you visualize every day with the use of your imagination; you don’t have to close your eyes to use visualization techniques.
The technique is a simple formula that love and fear cannot exist within the same experience. Imagine the past situation that has brought fear into your life. As you think of the past situation, imagine love flowing around the person or situation involved in the form of pink light; at first you may feel angry, resentful or negative towards this situation; keep imagining pink light flowing over the situation regardless of what you feel. Please accept that the fear no longer exists within this past situation when you place love over it. Deep within your subconscious you will be bringing changes within your life because you have the choice to use fear or love.
Love is the last thing the fear-maker is relying upon, and this will resolve the situation by reflecting the negativity back to the fear-maker. Every time that you think of fearful situations that have occurred throughout your life, place pink light over the situation and depending on the ferocity of the experience, they will disappear leaving you free to live a full and happy life. This is the way of love, and love is stronger than fear.
How does mental imaging work on the physical human body?
I have thought long and hard to give the most powerful explanation of how mental imaging causes reactions throughout the physical body.
I apologize if I offend anyone with this example. However it is the best example that I can think of that proves mental images have a physical effect on the human body. Mental imaging sets off chemical reactions in the body that can either work positively or negatively. If we are thinking negative thoughts, we are creating negative reactions throughout our body.
If we are thinking positive thoughts, we are creating positive reactions throughout our body. The best example of this is the human act of masturbation. First we must have a mental image that
we find arousing and sexual. What I mean by this statement is that you cannot be aroused with thoughts of cleaning a car, unless you have, or desire, a sexual relationship with a car. Once the desired mental image is set in the mind, thinking of images that are relating to a sexual experience create the chemicals in our bodies similar to those experienced during sexual intercourse. The
lips of the mouth start to swell, the sexual organs begin to swell and secretions flow through the vagina; this process is enhanced by physically touching the sexual regions, in unison with mental imaging to create the experience of ejaculation in the male or orgasm in the female. Thus creating a physical reaction, similar to sexual intercourse; This shows the power that mental imaging can have on the human body.
This book is set in a way to create positive chemical reactions throughout the physical body as you read the pages.
There are hidden keys written within each story to develop a healing formula that will open the door to the true potential that is within us all. As we read through the pages, chemicals are releasing throughout your body in the form of feelings.