Reiki Lecture 18,

Lecture 18: Psychic Powers Five, Mountain of light.

This Meditation Is Part Of The Full Package & Opens your mind to your Higher Powers:

Observe your divine and sacred space on an astral level.
Use the subconscious tool to enlighten the inner power.
Find the tool to make you happy. Meet you highest guiding guide to help you. THIS IS POWERFUL ON EVERY LEVEL TO START WORKING WITH GUIDES & ANGELS.

How to channel your personal Goddess
After meeting the highest guide in the last meditation you now are ready to meet all of your guides & angels. The goddess. THIS WILL STRENGTHEN VALUES.

Attune to spirit totems
These creatures of the higher world will help you maintain SUCCESS WEALTH & HAPPINESS

You will also create a Divine Sacred Space in the Universal Higher Mind so the connection is easily accessed once anyone listens to the Course. You will access the Personal Goddess and Spirit Totems To Create Stronger Values Of Love.

How To communicate With your Angels & Guides