Reiki Lecture 14,

Lecture 14: Past Lives Meditation...

Course TWO

Past Life Regression 23.12
Tree of life meditations to heal the past.
Go on a past life regression to see the past and heal it.

Two Past Life Regressions To Get A More Powerful Result

The first Past Life Regression Will Be A very old past life & the second Past Life Regression being very new… This will Bring balance to the current life experience by healing any past emotional trauma.


Past life regression 17.21

THIS IS A modern past life regression, heal the present & past.
If you believe in past life regression or not, this is a great subconscious tool to heal the problems that occur through life without having to actually live them. The subconscious knows what is best for you and only wants you to be happy successful and wealthy. This tool is designed to heal all of those old subconscious lessons that we no longer need. Leaving us to be free of the old fears to created happiness success and wealth.
designed to go through two Past Life Regressions that are very different in emotional healing.

Meditation To Clear Past Emotional Problems